How Do We Make Sales More Human-Centered?

LESSON LEARNED: Human-centered sales approach: sell to the problem, not on price or product.

To improve sales efforts, the current project uses the Human-Centered Sales™ approach developed by Whitten & Roy Partnership (WRP). Under the Human-Centered Sales approach, sales agents focus on selling to a customer’s problem, rather than selling on product features or price. Through a personalized conversation with the customer, the sales agent helps the customer identify all the problems he or she is encountering as a result of not having a latrine. Raising self-awareness about the problems of not owning a latrine intensifies the urgency and importance of resolving the problem(s) and helps the customer recognize the latrine as a viable solution to their problems. The sales agent is equipped with a “site seller”, a flip-book style sales presentation tool that highlights the common drivers of latrine uptake as learned through user insights research.

The Human-Centered Sales approach increases the chances that the customer “buys in” to the latrine as a solution to their problems, rather making an impulse purchase due to fear mongering (“Your daughter will get raped if you don’t have a latrine”) or deception (“This is the last latrine available!”).

If a customer has bought into the latrine as a solution to their problems, they are likely to be more satisfied with the product, use it properly and consistently, and recommend it to their friends and family. They are also willing to pay a higher price, which will motivate businesses and sales agents to continue selling.