Figure 39

Sanitation Teachers Boost Sales

The project introduced sales agents called Sanitation Teachers (STs) to professionalize sales.

There is a clear correlation between successful Latrine Business Owners (LBOs) and involvement of sanitation teachers (see the chart above). Taking the top and bottom quintiles for example, 6 different STs support a top-performing (Tier 5) LBO at different stages of the business cycle, while only 1 ST serves a Tier 1 LBO.  Since a Sanitation Teacher does not consistently engage with an LBO throughout the year, the average active ST/month is not a whole number. (E.g. an ST may work 5 out of the 12 months in a year with a particular LBO- in that case the average active ST per month is 0.4).

With more sanitation sales agents, there is a dramatic rise in scale.

The chart below shows the benefits of having more sales agents involved. For example, in Quintile 4, the average monthly sales per active ST is 22 units, and LBOs in that tier have 0.6 STs per month on average. Thus the average monthly sale through STs is roughly 13 units per month (22 sales a month times 0.6 STs per month), representing more than half the monthly sales.

Figure 40_2