Profile of a Successful Latrine Entrepreneur: Luon Vanna

Based in Siem Reap, Vanna has been involved with SMSU since May 2012. He has completed the full training course. He has worked 2 years 9 months as an LBO, and has made a total sale of 1304 (rank: 28) units, 525 of which were sold through STs. On average, he sells 52 units per month. He has worked with 7 STs so far, with an average of 1.2 STs per month.

His capital expenditure is around $ 1,195 and he charges $76 per unit, $43 of which is his margin. Vanna is quite profitable: he makes 57 cents out of every dollar of sale. His unit operating expenses is $33.2 (much lower than Oun for example). His breakeven point came at 28 units, the sale of which he actually accomplished in the second quarter of his business, since he hardly made any sale in the first quarter. His total loan amounts to $ 5,500, portions of which he borrowed on multiple occasions from both the bank and informal sources. Vanna makes an average monthly profit of $1,710, and ranks 11th.