Figure 6_2

Latrine Sales Exceed “Excellent” Target

Project-connected enterprises cumulatively sold over 141,000 latrines by the end of October 2014.

This exceeded the “excellent” target of 140,000 latrines, and was the result of nearly 80,000 latrine sales in the final year of the project (actually 13 months, with average unit sales of over 6,000 per month).

Figure 7_2

The overall ratio of non-project-connected sales to project-connected sales was roughly 1:1. This could be from a “ripple effect”; that is, broader market activity stimulated as a result of generalized marketing campaigns and local shifts in attitudes and behavior brought about directly through SMSU investments in marketing, sales and business capacity building. In this sense, we would hope to see a leading effect, where SMSU sales are initially a higher percentage of sales in a ramp-up of overall sales activity, followed by a decrease in SMSU market share as other businesses crowd in and capitalize on innovations in product and marketing strategy, as well as overall shifts in consumer attitudes and behavior.

Update: 228,151 latrines have been sold as of May 2016 through project-connected business, with average monthly sales at around 5,000.