Profile of a Successful Latrine Entrepreneur: Chea Oun

Oun is from Oddar Meanchey, working with the project since Oct 2013. He has completed the sales and business component of the training (did not attend the technical one). He has had 9 different STs work with him over the period of one year he has been with the project, with 2.3 STs working with him every month. He has sold 622 units so far (ranking 72), with 360 of those sold through STs. On average,  he sells 52 units per month, with a unit margin of $35.

He has invested $115 as in productive assets, and his total loan amounts to $1840, which he borrowed from in parts from an MFI as well as a banking institution. His operating expenses per unit is $37.5, which is relatively low, and combined with his low capital investment, his breakeven point came with the sale of 3 units only.

For every dollar of sale, Oun makes a profit of 48 cents. He earns an average monthly profit $1,816, which is the 10th highest among all LBOs.