User-Centered Research

Understanding What Drives Behavior


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Gathering Deep User Insights Through Human Centered Design

Market Segmentation Research In order to go beyond the “early adopters” who purchased latrines under the pilot project, more research was needed to better understand the drivers and barriers of various market segments. The Sanitation Market Scale-Up project spent a month conducting Human Centered Design (HCD) research at the beginning of the Going Deep sub-project to ground efforts to more deeply penetrate the market. User insights research was conducted to understand the needs and psychology of…

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Behavior Change is Not a Light Touch Activity

Intensive “below-the-line” customer engagement is needed for effective promotions Promotional efforts that lead to direct, significant impact on latrine sales need to have concentrated engagement with potential customers, such as group sales events or door-to-door sales.  Light-touch promotion initiatives such as engagement through health centers and religious leader can add points of exposure, but unless they are coupled with intensive training and coaching, such channels do not directly target non-owners and address their individual needs and…

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Empowering Local Government to Support Sanitation

LESSON LEARNED: Proper training, ongoing coaching, and monitoring is important for successful local government engagement Government engagement, like private sector engagement, needs to be supported with a holistic approach of ongoing training, coaching, monitoring, and relevant tools. Coaching and monitoring, in conjunction with relevant and easy-to-use tools, was instrumental to the success of the Behavior Change Communications (BCC) campaign around latrine usage. Commune Committees for Women and Children (CCWC) conduct educational village meetings on many…

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