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LL_Discovering the need
Professionalized Sales Drive Latrine Uptake

LESSON LEARNED: Small enterprises show low interest in actively selling. Other models of market facilitation are needed to ensure sustained impact. Local markets can be catalyzed to meet the sanitation needs and…

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How Do We Make Sales More Human-Centered?

LESSON LEARNED: Human-centered sales approach: sell to the problem, not on price or product. To improve sales efforts, the current project uses the Human-Centered Sales™ approach developed by Whitten & Roy…

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LL_Vision for prof
A Vision for Professionalized Sales

LESSON LEARNED: External sales assessments can identify strategic shifts to increase impact Although the pilot project exceeded the target of 10,000 latrine sales, sales capacity remained low. The project partnered…

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LL_Recruiting a Team
Recruiting a Sanitation Sales Team

LESSON LEARNED: Recruit a dedicated sales force At the end of the pilot project, the sales strategy focused on recruiting village leaders to serve as sales agents, since they were natural leaders…

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LL_Suite of Tools
Effective Sanitation Sales Tools

LESSON LEARNED: Develop professional sales tools As part of the effort to professionalize sales, the project engaged 17Triggers, a social marketing agency, to work collaboratively with Whitten & Roy Partnership…

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LL_Strategy for Selling
A Strategy for Selling Latrines in Villages

LESSON LEARNED: Direct sales: integrating group and door-to-door presentations yields more sales In the pilot project, sales agents exclusively sold to groups. Sales agents saw this as more efficient—getting more…

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LL_Capturing Data
Capturing Latrine Sales Data

LESSON LEARNED: Improving sales tracking takes time Latrine businesses maintain a record book to track customer data and sales details. The project collected sales data from each project-connected latrine business…

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LL_Evolution of Program
Evolution of the SMSU Program

LESSON LEARNED: The enterprise engagement model needs to evolve over time. While the pilot project focused on developing a scalable and sustainable model, a key hypothesis going into the Sanitation Marketing…

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The Art of Adaptive Program Management

LESSON LEARNED: The project approach should be adapted over time to find the most effective way to reach objectives based on project experience. Market development for sanitation (Sanitation Marketing) in…

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LL_Managing Innovation
Managing Innovation While Focusing on Scale

LESSON LEARNED: Align incentives and have clear, harmonized objectives to manage innovation and scale simultaneously. The Going Deep sub-component was an innovation-focused project within the larger Sanitation Marketing Scale-Up (SMSU)…

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LL_Leveraging Existing
Leveraging existing supply chain actors

LESSON LEARNED: Leveraging existing supply chain actors is important for optimizing customer experience. In the Pilot Project (2008-11), the invention of the chamber box removed the need for a household…

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LL_Supply Chain Forums
Connecting Latrine Supply Chain Actors

LESSONS LEARNED: Bringing supply chain actors together surfaces challenges and new ideas. As part of the project’s Going Deep component, supply chain forums were held every six months to facilitate greater…

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LL_Mason Training
Engaging Masons in Latrine Installation

LESSON LEARNED: Engaging masons through training on the new latrine design helped connect supply chain actors and ensured correct installation. To reduce the time and cost of installation, the Easy Latrine was…

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LL_Challenging Env
Developing Latrines for Challenging Environments

LESSON LEARNED: Solutions to challenging environments require more than a modification or adaptation of existing design; otherwise heavy subsidy is required for uptake. The effort to design a latrine suitable for…

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Empowering Local Government to Support Sanitation

LESSON LEARNED: Proper training, ongoing coaching, and monitoring is important for successful local government engagement Government engagement, like private sector engagement, needs to be supported with a holistic approach of…

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Driving Latrine Affordability With Access to Finance

LESSON LEARNED: Financing has significant impact on latrine uptake, but setting up sanitation financing is a hands-on effort that requires significant investments in field-level coordination and partner management. The Sanitation Marketing…

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