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Designing and commercializing a hand washing device

Hand washing is considered one of the most effective ways to reduce diarrheal diseases. Yet there are few commercial hand washing devices for rural Cambodians.  Currently, the most common device used is a ladle and user research indicates ladles are cumbersome and often inconveniently placed far from the site of defecation.

iDE Sanitation Marketing and Scale Up (SMSU) 2.0 program intends to broaden its focus by designing and commercializing a hand washing device. The device will be integrated into iDE’s new latrine shelters and aims to be affordable, desirable, and feasible for local manufacturers. Over the remaining two years of the program, SMSU 2.0 intends to oversee the distribution of 5,000 shelters featuring the integrated hand washing device. In collaboration with its in-house design lab inCompass, iDE will take the following steps:

  • Conduct extensive qualitative field research to identify current practices, beliefs systems, potential behavior change triggers and aspirations associated with hand hygiene rural Cambodia.
  • Create product design guidelines and craft a series of device prototypes soliciting user feedback to test desirability and product functionality.
  • Develop the manufacturing manual and training materials for latrine business owners to produce the device.

To help ensure the efficacy of the product, iDE will conduct user surveys to measure its impact on hand washing habits, hand hygiene beliefs, and the reduction of diarrheal disease.