Building Markets

for Sanitation

The Sanitation Marketing Scale-Up (SMSU) program is implemented by iDE Cambodia in partnership with the organizations highlighted below. This program reveals important lessons on building both demand and supply for rural sanitation. iDE created this site with the hope that it will inform the design, implementation, and cost-effectiveness of future sanitation marketing projects.

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iDE's Global WASH Initiative

We use human-centered design to create products that catalyze business models, resulting in greater economic opportunities for local businesses, and healthier lives for customers.

Building Markets

Lessons Learned

Find lessons learned by iDE over the course of the project on how to stimulate both demand and supply for sanitation and engage the enabling environment to support rural sanitation.

User Insights


Learn how iDE’s Human-Centered Design lab uncovered the drivers and barriers of every stakeholder—the producer, the retailer, the end user, and anyone who influences the end customer.

Data Highlights


Within 3 years, this project demonstrated that developing markets for sanitation is able to contribute to significant increases in national latrine coverage.

Sanitation Marketing Program Partners

In addition to the Cambodian men and women entrepreneurs who invested their time and money into promoting sanitation, the following organizations have been, or are, instrumental to the ongoing success of this program.

From Our Partners